Finding the Best Translation Firm and Avoiding Scams

Translation is a massive industry that analysts are saying that companies, organizations, and individuals will continue to seek its services as people continue to use the internet. The web brought in many changes, including people of various cultures and languages from all over the world.

Many firms (especially those that have audience and clients from various parts of the globe) require these services because they need to ensure that they remain relevant. They also desire that they communicate effectively with everyone involved.

When searching for the best translation firm, you need to be extra careful because some firms are inefficient. A keyword search on Google, or any other search engine, can bring you thousands of results. The question you would have is how you select the most appropriate firm to cater for your business needs. Here are some of the points you could apply.

  1. Research and review

Do not just click and order. Remember that running a business is risky. One simple mistake will lead you to losses, which take time to recover. Therefore, research to find the best services available. Research acts as a revelation and makes it easy to find the best firm.

Therefore, take note of the way prospects run their organizations. Compare their prices, their business model, and avoid any firm that has a weird looking website. Sometimes, the owners want to waste your time and money.

As you carry out your research, review it. Do not only rely on your intuition solely. We can be irrational sometimes. Look for customer feedbacks, social media reviews, and reviews from bloggers. This is the best way to gain trust in the company.

  1. Experience equals efficiency

Nothing is as wrong as working with someone who is inefficient, does not meet deadlines, is always delivering poor work, and does not have the necessary skills you require at that moment. For this reason, the experience is vital.

Check the firm’s experience by translating english to yoruba, as it is one of the most rare languages. For instance, confirm that they have operated for several years, which means they have all the tools required to do the job right. With that, they can handle a variety of projects within a short duration.

The Word Point can offer you a variety of services including proofreading, localization, and translation services. The good thing about them is that they have packages for all these services, which they cluster according to the industry and the complexity of the job.

  1. Technology applied

The translation industry is growing at a quick pace. Developers are inventing translation based apps, which means that work will be easy for businesses. Machine translation is fast; however, if you do not know the language, it is hard to tell the accuracy of the information.

Other companies stick with the conventional way of translating, which is, using people. The service provider will hire people who are proficient in the language and the client’s industry. By the way, they should have basic knowledge of the industry because they can identify terminologies without struggling.

As a client, take time to note whether the provider uses the old translation methods or machine translations. Machine translation can, sometimes, be inaccurate, especially regarding grammar. I believe this is something that human proofreaders can tackle with ease.

  1. Price and payment system

As translation continues to be a necessity, there is a high chance that prices will escalate because of the increase in demand. Several factors influence price such as the number of words that need translation, delivery timeframe, the complexity of the text, and languages involved.

Scrutinize their price packages. They will cluster their prices according to the level of professionalism that you desire the final product to be. Remember to ask whether you will need to an extra pay fee for revisions. Besides, inquire if there is a limit to the number of changes to make.

It is also proper to ask about their payment system. Some will ask you to deposit some money before they begin work. Ensure that the system is secure. They should refund your money if you are not satisfied with their work.

Conclusively, consider a website that is easy to reach the administrators. They should always keep in touch as they progress with the work. The customer support team should be reachable at your periphery, and the user interface should be easy to use and scroll through.

The Best Way to Build a Translation Management System for Creative Agencies and Consultancies

Creative agencies and consultancies often come to a point where expansion is the only viable solution. The sheer volume of work and clients coming through the door is too much to handle in the current state.

Since their existing services complement translation and localization well enough, this is usually the next logical step. But how can you apply translation services and a new management system to the work you are already conducting without losing your momentum?

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Express Systems at Brighton Digital Marketing Festival 13

Last Thursday, we attended the annual Brighton Digital Marketing Festival organised by email marketing solutions company Pure 360. Now in its third year, the day was an excellent insight in to how marketing professionals from various sectors market digitally to their audience and tools they use to do so. You can find links to some useful tools below.

The day began with keynotes from The Body Shop’s Head of Social Rowan Stanfield, demonstrating how to create a social media strategy that meets business goals and how to measure results. It was great to see an example of how a huge brand implements a social media strategy and targets their audience with goals to enhance their credibility, brand awareness, sentiment and advocacy whilst getting their followers to engage.

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