Digital specialist selects Synergist

383 Project was launched in the new millennium when the new media dawn was breaking and real digital work was simply a peripheral activity for most agencies. 383 Project was digitally focused from the outset and as a result was perfectly placed to cater for the huge demand for new online projects.

At the heart of the action

Based in the heart of Birmingham, it is an exciting, creative agency with a talented team of thinkers and doers, building clever big ideas across different channels. Clients including the BBC, Coca-Cola, Sony and the Royal Shakespeare Company have chosen the company for its great strategic approach and enthusiastic style, as well as its proven ability to solve complex problems.

Top brands

Sukhi Dehal is a Director at 383 Project, “Since we started we have grown into a multi-faceted agency with over 25 people working across a wide range of sectors from automotive, to retail and gaming. We work closely with a number of the world’s top consumer brands, providing creative thinking and digital execution on both a national and international level. Our work requires a management system and administrative processes to keep tabs on everything that’s happening and to ensure that we achieve our promises to clients as well as safeguarding our profits.”

Unsuitable for agency size

Sukhi revealed, “Over the years we have used a number of agency management software packages, some with very limited in scope and others focussed on job trafficking. All of them have had drawbacks and in some cases the products were not what an agency of our size needed. As we developed and grew we had to find a suitable system to meet our expanding needs and keep track of everything that was happening.”

Easy to use package

Sukhi added, “Extensive research led us to discover Synergist from Express Systems. The product demo revealed an easy to use software package that, since installation, has revolutionised our admin processes and allowed us to monitor and organise everything that goes through the studio, from conception to delivery. Synergist certainly offers far more flexibility and control than our previous systems. In addition, Express Systems offered us excellent training and support, and in a very short time we were up and running and creating detailed financial and progress reports like experts! Online and phone support was a huge issue for us. We needed a reliable supplier that could offer support as an when we needed it. The support we have received from Express Systems has been exemplary.

Accurate planning

Sukhi went on to say, “We have found that since using Synergist we have been able to plan more accurately around studio capacity and produce very accurate automated financial reports that are delivered to our inbox from the system. This has enabled us to schedule the studio time with comparative ease. The reaction from staff has been very encouraging, particularly now that we have a management system that does not break!”

Everyday use

Sukhi summarised, “Everyday use is proving to be very straightforward for all our staff. Synergist is proving to be very impressive with the quality and detail of the reports now that we have a large volume of data. All indications are that the system will probably pay for itself in just three or four months!”


I would certainly recommend Synergist to any agency looking for a system to provide accurate reporting, ease of use for staff to log time, compatibility with accounting software and data entry that no one can hide from!

Further information

For further information on how Synergist can make an impact on your business please contact us.