Independently owned, multi‐channel agency with 80 staff in offices in London and Norwich.

The challenge

Ashley Bliss is Financial Managing Partner at Balloon Dog:

“As a large marketing agency with multiple products and diverse services, it is critical that we remain in constant control of what is happening in terms of work progress and the resultant impact on finances,” Ashley revealed.

“We had previously used a well‐ known proprietary agency management system, but this was proving to be complex in everyday use and rather expensive to operate with high recurring software fees.

“One of our biggest challenges was its limited ability to produce user‐ friendly, instant, repeatable reports on enquiry.”

The result

Ashley commented, “As an agency it is highly important to be able to see exactly where we are at any one time, so we took the decision to invest in a management system that would provide instant reporting, full scheduling and a level of cross‐agency financial awareness which had previously been virtually impossible to achieve.”

She added, “We were aware of Synergist, supplied and supported by Express Systems, as a popular and affordable agency management system, and excited by the possibilities for its application in our business.

“The installation was fault‐free and the transfer of data, client and supplier information, from the outgoing system, was very straightforward.

More user comments

Ashley continued, “We were immediately able to access high quality detailed reports that told us everything we needed to know about job progression and any associated up to the minute financial data. This encompasses all our internal and external costs and agency time and we can easily see where jobs are in terms of budget using the innovative traffic light system.

“This has enabled us to act quickly where jobs are going outside pre‐ agreed parameters and make suitable adjustments to keep projects on track. This is great for our clients as it enables us to keep them fully informed as work progresses, with no nasty surprises.”

Ashley concluded, “Synergist was also selected for its superb scheduling capabilities. Synergist’s powerful and extremely flexible reporting systems have allowed us to identify areas where we can improve productivity. The convenient Data Viewer feature has revolutionised ad hoc reporting and allowed us to make a number of beneficial adjustments to the way in which the agency operates. The direct link to our Sage Accounting package makes life easy.”

“As a result I can confidently recommend Express System and Synergist to other marketing agency professionals.”

Further information

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