The Flipside Group is an established marketing communications agency offering a wide range of creative services delivered by a 40-strong team working in very pleasant country surroundings in a ‘creative village’ in Surrey. The company is a full service agency offering a wide range of creative services, including strategic planning and very sophisticated digital communications packages incorporating websites, video and animation, as well as all aspects of e-marketing and traditional marketing services.

Andrew Dickinson is the Director of Operations at the Flipside Group, “We are a very busy agency and serve the needs of a wide variety of clients including Dairy Crest, General Dynamics, Make-A-Wish and Capcom.”
As with any successful business that thrives on selling its marketing skills and creative capabilities, the Flipside Group relies on administrative software and systems to manage and record all its business activities.

Unanimous choice

Andrew Dickinson said, “When we started the agency 16 years ago we used a proprietary billing and administration system from a large international company. Unfortunately they decided to stop supporting the software, forcing us to look at alternatives in the market. We put a tender document together and invited a number of agency software system suppliers to pitch for the business. After a period of evaluation of the various offers it was a unanimous choice of the management team to install Synergist from Express Systems.

Wise and profitable decision

Andrew revealed, “It has proven to be a very wise and profitable decision for the group. We now use Synergist for all our scheduling, estimation and time management, job monitoring and job progress, and as an active Customer Relationship Management database (CRM) for promotion and client contact. From the outset the system proved to be very easy to use. Express Systems provided an excellent introductory training for all users and within a week we were competent users. The software was customised to fit our business model and set up to enable both Mac and PC users to enter time, control, update and monitor jobs.”

Improved scheduling and productivity

Andrew said, “Synergist has paid for itself in just one year. The excellent management reporting function has enabled a far greater control on costs and provided extremely accurate, detailed reports on profits and business forecast information. Synergist has enabled us to dramatically improve job scheduling and productivity. The system also links seamlessly to our Quick books accounts package.”

Acceptance from staff

Andrew went on to say, “Synergist has provided us with a very stable administrative system that integrates all agency activities from enquiry through to invoice. It is a very comprehensive management tool that has gained acceptance from client management and creative teams. If I had to provide one benefit that stands out, then it would be the management reporting system which reveals the true cost of jobs and provides unerringly accurate profit forecasts.”

Proactive partner

Andrew summarised, “No system can possibly be perfect without the appropriate support and upgrades. Express Systems has proven to be a very proactive partner and has provided excellent support for any small issues or queries that have arisen. The in-depth technical knowledge and understanding of the support staff makes a lot of difference to the rapid resolution of queries. We are still exploring the hidden depths of Synergist capabilities and have yet to unleash its full power. We are planning new training programmes in the future to gain even more from the system.

Rapid return on investment

And finally Andrew said, “I would have no hesitation in recommending Synergist to other agencies or companies. It is a very sophisticated client and job management tool that will offer a rapid return on investment.

Further information

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