Matthew Fairweather are a creative design firm. Marks and Spencer, Adidas, B&Q and Cadbury Schweppes are clients. They focus on graphic design, corporate identity, branding and retail/office interiors.

The Challenge

Matthew Fairweather is their Managing Director.

“Our business relies on technology to keep pace with everything that’s happening – clients need to know where we are and how much we are spending, and we need to keep up with profit levels, time spent and the degree of progress on individual jobs.

We had made use of a rather outdated software package to keep track of the traffic within the agency, however this was proving to be problematic and did not have the flexibility or levels of reporting we needed to keep fully up to date with all our activities.”


The result

Matthew said “It is very important to have a good CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) to keep track of client and prospect contacts. Keeping tabs on call backs or important target dates and deadlines is an important part of our business.

Our old system was simply not up to the job – prospect management issues, combined with some serious database reliability problems, made us realise that we had to update soon to maintain and support our business.”

Matthew revealed “We are quite lucky to have a number of creative agencies in the same building and it wasn’t long before we were given some very good recommendations for a replacement system. Many of our creative business neighbours were using Synergist from Express Systems. It certainly seemed to fit the bill and tick all the boxes and genuinely appeared to be  more robust and user friendly than our present system.”

More user comments

Matthew added “We were very pleasantly surprised with the relative capabilities of the software when compared with our existing package. Reporting on individual jobs proved to be far more accurate and also very simple to achieve. Synergist is by far easier to use day to day and all information considerably easier to input and output using intuitive screens. Customised views enable the software to be tailored to meet the exact requirements of each user.

“The traffic light system allows us to keep track of exactly where we are with every job. And the package links seamlessly into our Sage accounting software enabling all financial data to be transferred quickly and efficiently.”

Since Synergist was installed in the agency, it has proven to be even more flexible than we had first thought. For a start it was cheaper to run the previous software and we are not tied into rigid long-term software contracts. It is practical to add in a new user without serious cost issues, or to provide online access that enables external freelancers to input time onto the system.”

Matthew summarised, “Having made the decision to install Synergist we have not looked back. It is far quicker and more user friendly than the previous package and reporting at the end of a month is a pleasure rather than an extended, time-consuming chore.”

“If you are serious about running a business efficiently and making growth a serious possibility rather than a pipedream, then I fully recommend Synergist as the critical tool to aid your success. It has undoubtedly paid for itself since installation in efficiency gains alone.”

Further information

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