Award-winning web specialist adopts Synergist

Redweb is multi-award winning digital agency established in 1998. The 100-strong team offers expertise in creativity, development and delivery of innovative websites and digital marketing campaigns for a wide range of clients, including HM Treasury, Scottish Parliament, The Financial Services Authority, TFL, RNLI, Action on Hearing Loss, B&Q and Centerparcs. Redweb is very well known and respected for its development work on high security websites for government and transactional applications in the financial and insurance sectors.

Keeping track of projects

Managing the work and keeping tracks on everything that goes on within an agency is a highly complex task. Clare Walsh is the Head of Digital Delivery at Redweb, “When I joined the company over a year ago I discovered an agency job management system that was completely out of step with the requirements of the agency management and its clients. To be successful it is critical that every stage of delivery is captured and reported accurately. It is essential that managers can follow a job from its inception through to completion and see exactly what has happened, and be able to highlight the costs incurred and time spent on behalf of the client. This is why I introduced Synergist from Express Systems.”

Straightforward setup

Clare said, “Setting up Synergist was a relatively straightforward task. Client and supplier information was imported and all agency staff given a log-in to the internet based system, allowing them to record all time and activity spent on behalf of individual clients.” Clare revealed, “We installed the system in April 2011, so we have yet to reap the benefits of a full year’s work, but the experience to date has revealed that the information now available to agency management is very accurate, complete and ideal for analysing where any changes may be needed.” Clare went on to say, “Synergist has enabled us to take the guesswork out of forecasting. We can now see what is happening at a glance and effectively manage change. Synergist is used to manage everything from quotation and scheduling right through to invoicing”

Accurate, detailed reports

“Whilst we haven’t used the system to its full capacity” said Clare, “We are now able to produce very accurate reports, which can highlight certain areas of activity and take the guesswork out of what is actually happening. Admittedly, the system has taken a couple of months to settle down, but we have found a general acceptance and approval from all the staff, who now use the system daily to record their activities and time.”

Tighten up procedures

Clare summarised, “Synergist has enabled us to tighten up our agency procedures and to see where critical steps may be missing in our processes. I would certainly recommend the system to other agencies in need of accurate and detailed information for estimating, scheduling and invoicing.

Further information

For further information on how Synergist can make an impact on your business please contact us .