Studio Republic is a well established creative design agency based in Winchester. Their growing reputation for online communications has attracted many large clients, including large corporations and government organisations such as the NHS.

Chris Todhunter is Technical Director at Studio Republic, “We offer highly effective web design and brand communication which give our clients a vital advantage in the market. Our service offering includes web design and web development, content management, brand identity development and innovative print and marketing solutions.” Chris said, “As with any agency selling its creative time we need appropriate systems to monitor and record our activities.”

Big mistake

“When we first started six years ago”, added Chris, “we invested in what we thought was a state of the art agency management system. We made a big mistake. The system was inflexible and totally over sold on its capabilities, with claims for features and functionality that simply failed to materialise. In short it was a disaster, and the support we received from the vendor was worse still. We were forced to cut our losses and look for a system that would adapt to our specific business requirements. Understandably we were very nervous about spending more money and approached the project with some trepidation.”

Leap of faith

Chris went on to say, “We looked at the systems on the market and opted for Synergist from Express Systems. I have to admit that the whole process was a leap of faith, but Jason Neale from Express Systems eventually put our minds at rest by demonstrating the system and explaining exactly how it could adapt to meet the company’s needs. We were able to exactly specify our requirements.”

Up and running in one day

Chris added,” We had a spare Mac which we had decided to use as a server. Jason took this away and within a week had installed and configured the system to handle our job costing, quotes and invoicing as well as the time management. He also installed our templates for invoices, letters and quotes. When Jason returned, along with the Express Systems installation and training team, we were able to be up and running and confident in using the system within just one day. Fortunately, help is only a phone call away and pretty instant if we ever get stuck. And if we really mess up, then Express support can remotely access the server and put everything right!”

Immediate benefits

Chris revealed, “The benefits from Synergist have been huge and immediately noticeable. We are using the reporting system more and more and learning where we can make beneficial changes and improvements to our working practices. The system also links seamlessly to our Sage accounts package. From my point of view, being able to go from quote to invoice in just one click has been an administrative revolution when compared to the previous horror story.”

Real value for money

Chris concluded, “I have no hesitation in recommending Synergist and Express Systems to any agency small or large. It represents real value for money and an excellent return on investment. My advice is, don’t put up with systems that won’t adapt to your way of working, take a look at Synergist and I know you will never look back.”

Further information

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