Express Systems at Brighton Digital Marketing Festival 13

Last Thursday, we attended the annual Brighton Digital Marketing Festival organised by email marketing solutions company Pure 360. Now in its third year, the day was an excellent insight in to how marketing professionals from various sectors market digitally to their audience and tools they use to do so. You can find links to some useful tools below.

The day began with keynotes from The Body Shop’s Head of Social Rowan Stanfield, demonstrating how to create a social media strategy that meets business goals and how to measure results. It was great to see an example of how a huge brand implements a social media strategy and targets their audience with goals to enhance their credibility, brand awareness, sentiment and advocacy whilst getting their followers to engage.

This was closely followed with another keynote from The Watchfinder’s Marketing Director Lloyd Amsdon. The Watchfinder’s approach to marketing to their audience was considerably different to that of The Body Shop despite also being a big brand. They began capturing data from customers simply starting with their email address. They then went on a journey with them to capture more data through their buying habits which was a really interesting and nice approach to data capture; they really get to know their audience. This emphasised just how important it is to research who your audience are, be where they are, what your audience like and which of your competitors they also follow.

The remainder of the day saw talks from Jade Tanner (Pure 360), Jeremy Spiller (Whitehat Media), David Somerville (Fresh Egg) and Joel Windels (Brandwatch).

Here are some useful tips taken from each talk that may help in your digital marketing (it will help with ours!):

Pure 360 – Strategies for successful email marketing:

  • Data capture – use instructional language e.g. ‘sign up to our email’
  • Demonstrate value – why should they sign up? e.g. 10% off for signing up
  • Social sign up – e.g. newsletter tab on Facebook
  • Mobile optimisation –  find out how many visitors come to your site via mobile.
  • Have responsive email design

Whitehat Media – How search has changed:

  • ‘M.’ at the beginning of a URL shows that the website is responsive to mobile devices
  • Stay on top of changes and think like a search engine
  • Use free Google services such as Google Local
  • Look out for algorithm updates
  • Optimise page title tags

Fresh Egg – The Content Cycle:

  • Find any offline content and repurpose it digitally
  • Why are you producing content? Think ‘what are the objectives?’
  • Add social media sharing buttons to content pages to make it easier to share
  • Use the Google UTM tag and add to all links you’re using to promote your content and track in Google Analytics

Brandwatch – Measuring Social Media:

  • Plot charts of likes/follower growth and compare to your competition
  • Earned media – capture who is talking about your brand and industry
  • Follow your customers on social media and know which social media platform they use

The Brighton Digital Marketing Festival really was a brilliant event to attend, it introduced us to new ideas and we’d definitely recommend that you look out for it next year. We picked up some valuable advice from knowledgable speakers which we will be able to implement in to our digital marketing in the future.

Useful tools:

  • – keep up to date with changes to Google’s algorithm
  • Site Checker – review and audit your website
  • Social Crawlytics – scans website to show level of social shares & helps to create more content
  • Google Alerts – updates for relevant results in Google based on your search queries
  • Ubersuggest – Keyword tool

By Laura Foster

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