We’ve put together lots of tips, guides and infographics to help Synergist users and also those who are thinking about investing in the system. You can download them here.

Spotlight 1 – View settings
View settings are key to using Synergist. They allow individuals and groups of users to see pre-defined lists or reports.

Spotlight 2 – The Estimate tab
The estimate tab is a key information area within Synergist and is often under used.

Spotlight 3 – Monthly retainers
For ease of use and to gain maximum reporting within Synergist the following structure is recommended if you have Clients that req

Spotlight 4 – Closing jobs & opportunities
In order to maintain a clean Synergist System and to be able to report on jobs effectively the following process is recommended fo

Spotlight 5 – Projects
A Synergist Project is a group of jobs. If you have a selection of jobs, that need to be linked for reporting or invoicing purpose

Spotlight 6 – Data Viewer
For opportunities choose to use created date or expected close date. You have the option to select dates from a list by clicking

Spotlight 7 – Gantt charts
A useful tool in Synergist that allow you to produce Gantts for a single job and for multiple jobs with flexible printing options.

Spotlight 8 – Timesheet reporting
A key area within Synergist is the ability to post timesheets. This spotlight focuses on the many ways in which time can be report

Spotlight 9 – Sales info tab
There are many tabs within a Synergist Opportunity or Job. This spotlight focuses on the ‘Sales Info’ tab.

Spotlight 10 – Billing Plans
Billing Plans are the primary tool for forecasting within Synergist. The type of forecasting can be varied depending on…

Spotlight 11 – Financial tab
Every Job displays a financial tab. This tab is key to be able to understand the financial information for the selected job…

Spotlight 12 – Revisions
Estimates & Quotes within Synergist feed in to one another but ultimately have different purposes…

Spotlight 13 – Client Investment 
Are your clients ‘investing’ in your organisation or are you ‘investing’ in them?

Synergist User Quick Reference Guide
A useful guide to using Synergist

Where to go for help
Internal, online and helpdesk support

Tips for a successful Synergist implementation
Some useful tips to ensure your Synergist implementation runs as smoothly as possible

FREE business report
Is your agency running profitably?

System Selection & Implementation Guide
What can the best job costing and project management systems on the market deliver?

Top Tip: Dealing with Timesheet errors
There will always be the occasion where someone posts their timesheet to the wrong job or phase, or against the wrong charge code.

Top Tip: Duplicating a Job
Using templates to open new Opportunities and Jobs is a useful method to ensure your jobs have the required structure…

Top Tip: Quick links with one click!
Synergist provides quick links for you to access client records, jobs suppliers etc…

Top Tip: Self-populating your user name
Synergist allows you to select your user name with one click when completing data fields and removes the need to scroll through…

Top Tip: Batch Update
The batch update function is one that you will definitely love and wish you had been using all along…

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A short summary of key metrics & trends across all sectors from Kingston Smith’s Annual Survey 2013. By Noel Penrose, Juniper2.


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