Implementing Synergist

We take care of the Synergist installation to create the optimum single solution for your company. Our role is to make sure that Synergist is implemented smoothly so that you can continue to focus on your business throughout the set-up process.

What to expect

Our Project Management team are committed to making sure that your system works the way you want it to. That means fine tuning all of the reports and formats so that Synergist matches the way you like to work whilst gaining you maximum return on investment.

Integrating with existing software

Synergist can integrate with existing software so whether you use Sage50 Accounts to control your finances or Flowmation as your current project management solution, we can integrate Synergist with these systems.

Need to add more users?

If your team is expanding and you require new user licenses, contact us for more information.

See Synergist in action

Find out more about Synergist and talk to a member of our team.

Tips for running smoothly

  • A key point of contact for staff internally
  • A Super User has overall knowledge of how Synergist has been configured for your organisation
  • A Super User should be able to have access to file maintenance menus and other administrator areas of Synergist
  • A Super User will be sent monthly newsletters & updates about forthcoming developments from Synergist Express & Express Systems
  • Let users know that Synergist is due to be implemented
  • Outline processes that it will replace and the benefits it will bring
  • Advertise training plans, advise users that they should attend and participate as fully as possible
  • Onsite Training days are only part of the implementation process
  • Implementation Super Users should have the time to invest in the implementation of Synergist. It should be internally project managed in conjunction with your Express Systems Project Manager
  • Users should attend training sessions in a professional manner. Your Organisation has invested in consultancy and training time. Users should attend training sessions promptly and be discouraged from emails or last minute meetings interfering with training sessions
  • Users should have time to practice between training sessions or set up data in preparation for the next session
  • Document planned processes as much as possible to keep users informed
  • Ensure users know when to start recording timesheets or expenses
  • Update users on internal or system issues that have been raised during the implementation process
  • Set up a forum where users can ask questions and report snagging issues. e.g. Use a ‘Synergist Activity’ to log issues; email internal super users; hold internal Synergist meeting
  • Report back that issues have been solved; share methods & processes
  • New staff will require training so that its usage does not get diluted. This can be completed internally or with further training from Express Systems
  • Updating cost rates on a regular (annual) basis. Net profit reporting cannot be accurate if cost rates have not been updated
  • Regular Synergist review meetings, internal and refresher Business Process days provided by Express Systems can also be highly beneficial. Your Business is constantly changing and how you utilise your Management Information System should also evolve