As part of our client services, we offer bespoke chargeable training on any area of Synergist for new or existing users. Whether you require training onsite, a remote training session or a refresher course, we provide this for you, bespoke to your requirements.

Training options:

Our Client Services team are dedicated to training new users and keeping existing users of Synergist up to date with new features, so that you are always getting the most out of your Project Management System. Your training will cover:

  • Billing plans
  • Advanced reporting
  • Finance link
  • Using Synergist for new business
  • Client portal
  • New release features
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Traffic management/capacity and scheduling

Whether you’re a new user of Synergist or an existing user but require some extra training, a member of our client services team will come onsite to offer a bespoke training session. Contact us below to find out more about our onsite training days.

Our Client Services team offer remote training sessions. We have a comprehensive programme of sessions on the following areas:

  • Using Synergist for New Business
  • Estimating and Quoting
  • Interpreting Synergist Reporting
  • Maximising reporting on time utilisation and Capacity
  • Synergist System Housekeeping
  • File maintenance

Keep your users knowledge up to date. Contact us below for information on our online webinar training sessions

Regular Synergist review meetings, internal and refresher business process days provided by Express Systems can be highly beneficial to your agency. Your business is constantly changing and how you utilise your management information system should also evolve. Refresher courses cover:

  • Full user training
  • View settings
  • Reporting
  • House keeping
  • File maintenance

We offer refresher courses so that you can keep up to date with changes to Synergist and to make sure that you’re still getting the most out of your system. It’s also the perfect opportunity to monitor your business and any changes so that you’re always in control and making your agency an efficient and profitable one.

Contact us below to book your refresher course.

Onsite training days are charged at £795 per day and remote training is charged at £150 per hour.

 Contact us below to book your training.